Seller Checklist:

Before Sale Process: 

◊Call your agent(s) and set up an appointment for them to see your property and do a highest price market analysis.  
◊Give them a summary of your home (bedrooms, baths, Sq Ft, basement, lot), time frame and reason for your move.
◊Make a list of questions for interviewing an agent (see “Agent Interview Questions”) you would like to ask when your agent comes
    to see your home.
◊Make sure to interview multiple agents. Your agent needs to have significant experience, but must also gel with you on a personal
    level.  This agent is going to be your best friend for a little while so make sure you click.
◊Have your survey, list of recent updates and the top 10 great things about your home ready for your agent.
◊Show the agent through your home as if they were a buyer pointing out all the things you love about your home.
◊Go over the   detailed Highest Price Analysis on your property (you can also see my agent interview questions).
◊Price is and always has been the biggest issue when selling a home, Listen to the pricing strategy of the agent.
◊If you have anything that is broken or has not been used for a long time fix it, remove it or convey “AS IS”.
◊On the Illinois Property Disclosure be honest about any issues and ask questions on any ambiguous items.
◊Come up with a great marketing campaign, time frame and price that you can live with and always a “Plan B”. A great marketing
    campaign is both hi-tech and high-touch, meaning it involves a substantial web presence with multimedia elements (photos,  
    video, virtual tours, etc.) and a team of supporting professionals who will make your home stand out.
◊Plan A will be your 1st choice, but if all things do not come together I always have a plan B and sometimes a plan C.  
◊Go over the web marketing/media strategy and your positioning in the market place with competing homes.  
◊If you are buying another home get pre-approved before listing your home to make sure there are no surprises.
◊Ask to preview all similar properties in your area that will be competing with your property (beat the competition).
◊Once you agree on the price and listing terms, sign and initial all the paperwork, disclosures, etc.
◊Staging your home is the 2nd biggest thing after pricing your home. Determine if you should you do it on your own or if you need
    to hire a professional that can be recommended by your realtor.
◊Hire an awesome photographer that will take killer photos. Mediocre photos will yield mediocre interest. People are visual and
    want to see pretty homes that make them feel good. For photo shoot day, have your home all spiffy with the lights on throughout.
    A sunny day is optimal as it gives an emotionally warmer vibe.              
◊Request a copy of your Listing Agreement and all disclosures, etc. emailed back to you within 24 hours.
◊Determine if you need a floor plan design. If so, your realtor will have a floor plan designed and included it in the marketing mix.
◊Create a daily cleaning schedule. Keeping your home in showroom condition demands constant diligence.
◊Enter your property into the multiple listing service with pictures, accurate data, mapping and showing instructions.
◊A professional secure showing service like Showing Time is a great liaison to set and confirm all access to your home.
◊A showing service of this caliber can call, email and text a home owner ahead of time confirming all agent credentials.
◊When showing a home, its best to leave the house and let your agent handle the buyers. It will put buyers at ease so they
   don’t feel like intruders. When they are comfortable, they are better able to imagine the home as theirs.
◊Get a sign & brochure box installed if your area permits signs. Outside brochures should have a call to action.
◊Enter listing to 100+ web sites like,,, RE/,,, etc.
◊You should ask about weekly reports on showings, client reaction, realtor tours, and web site stats on your home.
◊Ask for a weekly competition report of all the homes listed in your price range in your town to keep very informed.
◊Set up a weekly scheduled call for you to talk with your broker and go over the marketing, feedback and strategy.
◊Take a family video 30-120 minutes long with your iphone or video camera going through your home with the family.
◊Let everyone pick a few rooms to tell their favorite keep sake memories of your home family friends etc.
◊Have a pet plan so that you your home is available to show within short notice. Making sure your pets are not a distraction
    and do not scare off buyers is essential.

During Sale Process:

◊When an offer comes in, confirm there is a fully signed contract and approval letter from their lender and POF.
◊If cash buyer, ask for a letter on bank stationary or a statement showing proof of funds (POF) for the entire sales    price.                                                                                                                                                                                                    ◊Obtain property, mold and  radon disclosures with the offer. If built before 1978, add a lead paint disclosure.
◊Contact the lender if financing is involved and ask all our lender questions to confirm they are qualified to buy.
◊Go over the offer with your realtor and ask what their advice is and what your strategy will be negotiating this deal.
◊Go over the contract and discuss earnest money, financing date, close date, chattel included/excluded, etc.
◊Negotiate the contract keeping in mind your original goal, how motivated you are, the timing of your next home, etc. A seasoned
    agent will recognize that the outcome must be a win-win for both buyer and seller. Counter offers are part of the game and are to
    be expected. During negotiations, you should anticipate the other parties response before showing your hand.
◊Once you agree on everything, sign & initial the Sales Contract and all riders. That day is your contract date.
◊Make sure earnest money is dropped off to the listing office according to the contract.
◊Email the fully executed contract and riders to your attorney, the selling agent, and the lender.
◊Confirm when the buyer will finalize his Loan Application with the lender (Usually within 2-4 days of contract date).
◊Keep on the lender to get the appraisal ordered immediately because it takes the longest (Very Critical).
◊There will most likely be a home inspection scheduled for your property by the buyer too.
◊When your agent is called to schedule the appraisals make sure they bring great comparables for the appraiser.
◊Mark important dates:  application, appraisal, inspection, attorney approval, financing, EM Due, walk-thru & closing.
◊Make sure buyer’s agent reminds the buyer to have a Home Owner’s Insurance policy with a paid receipt at closing.
◊Coordinate your moving company with your closing date and next home.
◊Call all utility companies and have them bill you through the day of closing (buyer utilities start the day after close).
◊Partial list to change over Gas, Electric, Phone, Cable, Sewer, Water, Subscriptions, Online shopping address.
◊Coordinate and schedule the final walk-thru for buyers prior to close with your agent.
◊You have the option to pre-sign the closing documents or meet your attorney at the closing to sign paperwork.    
◊Collect your proceeds check & HUD-1 at closing and save the Hud-1 for your taxes next year.  
◊You are ultimately the boss of this process. Hold your team accountable and make sure they are doing their jobs.

After Sale Process:

◊Make sure your realtor gives you an awesome gift basket thanking you for your business and friendship.
◊Keep in touch and ask your realtor if you need an electrician, plumber, handyman etc., They often have resources.
◊If you purchase another home, you can hire an attorney to get your taxed reduced. A good realtor should have referrals.
◊Your realtor should keep you informed on housing trends and give you an annual updated market analysis.
◊Congratulations! The challenge of selling your home is over! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy life.