Three Distinctive Roles I Perform During the Course of a Transaction.



Role 1: Consultant

  1. I ask questions.
  2. I take the risk of asking questions.
  3. I discover what?s important to you.
  4. I lead and your choices are easy.
  5. I listen vigilantly (to understand what?s important to you).
  6. I craft a strategic process for you.
  7. I define problems.
  8. I anticipate obstacles.
  9. I identify solutions.
  10. I balance everyone?s needs.
  11. I recognize my mistakes openly.
  12. I am willing to change.
  13. I admit my biases.
  14. I help you realize your dreams.

Role 2: Negotiator

  1. I am like a pit bull.
  2. I am skilled, experienced and focused.
  3. I critically examine assumptions.
  4. I skillfully articulate.
  5. I am worth it.
  6. I am responsible.
  7. I anticipate.
  8. I identify flaws. 
  9. I am committed to you.

Role 3: I Oversee All the Transactional Details


  1. I oversee details.
  2. I dot the is and cross the ts.
  3. I integrate complexity.
  4. I am your pilot.
  5. I understand turbulence.
  6. I recognize the need for accurate information.
  7. I see multiple perspectives.
  8. I identify unintended consequences.
  9. I recognize details so you can relax.
  10. I consider effects and consequences.
  11. I encourage feedback.